EUROPE – EFSA: Technical report on the proportionality approach for residues

In order to enhance the harmonisation of the risk assessment of active substances in the area of residues, EFSA and Member States held discussions that lead to the publication of this technical report on the proportionality approach.

The discussions were based on:

– the  recommendations  on the proportionality  concept as defined at Codex  level and adopted at EU level at the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health Meeting in September 2015.

– the   OECD guidance   document on crop   field trials published in September   2016 (ENV/JM/MONO(2011)50/REV1).

The conclusions and recommendations regard specific cases that were not fully covered by  the general principles of the proportionality concept described in the OECD guidance  document or that lead to different interpretation among experts.

Cases where scaling is appropropriate or on the contrary not necessary/not appropriate are illustrated.

Different case studies where the proportionality concept was used are also presented in Appendix.


To download: EFSA Technical Report: Recommendations on the use of the proportionality approach in the framework of risk assessment for pesticide residues (06.11.2018)


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