FRANCE: ANSES’ Newsletter on Marketing Authorisations

The first newsletter on marketing authorisations of plant protection products and adjuvants was published by ANSES (December 2018). The newsletters will present at the beginning of each month an overview of the withdrawals of authorisation, the new authorisations and the major modifications of authorisation (e.g. new uses or use withdrawals, modified conditions of use) which occurred in the previous month. It is noted that additionnal trade names will not be reported in the newsletters.

The newsletters will also include some regulatory news highlighted by ANSES each month.

The newsletter of December 2018 is marked by the withdrawal of numerous glyphosate-based products given the expiration of the marketing authorisations for which no renewal dossiers have been sent subsequently to the renewal of glyphosate.


Link to Anses Web page for the monthly newsletters: (In French)


To download:

Newsletter of December 2018 (in French)


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