FRANCE: Implementation of the national biocontrol strategy for 2020-2025

The “EGAlim” law of 30 October 2018 planned the implementation of a national strategy for biocontrol products in order to reduce the risks and the effects of the use of plant protection products on human health and the environment.

On 10 November 2020, the Government published its national strategy with the main priorities in progress or to be developed in order to promote the development and the use of biocontrol products as an alternative to conventional plant protection products.

4 main priorities have been defined:

– Innovation: accelerate research, industrialisation and development of new biocontrol solutions

→ Improve knowledge, foster and support companies in the development and industrialisation of new products…

– Regulation: Simplify the procedures for the authorisation and the use of biocontrol solutions

→ Strengthen the definition of biocontrol, simplify the submission of applications for authorisation/renewal of macro-organisms, reduce delays for decisions, grant the logo “Usable in Organic Farming (UAB)” faster…

– Ensure the implementation of biocontrol in France

→ Develop trial sites, inform the public to promote biocontrol, develop and strengthen the training of professional users, provide appropriate and independent advice, support farmers…

– Promote biocontrol at European level

→ Achieve a target of 50% reduction of the use of plant protection products by 2025 as set by the European Green Pact and the European Commission’s “farm to fork” strategy.


To download: 

National implementation strategy for biocontrol (in French)


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