FRANCE: Public consultation on the new Order for the authorisation of PPP for “amateur” uses

The Draft Order that has just been published for public consultation until 5 August 2019 aims at strengthening  the requirements for the authorisation of plant protection products for “amateur” uses in order to guarantee:

– a better safety for the non professional users and for the consumers of products treated with these products,

– a better protection of the environment when using these products.

This Order will consolidate and repeal the Order of 30 December 2010 banning the use of some plant protection products by non professional users and the Order of 30 December 2010 concerning packaging and labelling requirements  of plant protection products that can be used by non professional users. The draft Order completes the eligibility criteria for “amateur” plant protection products  in accordance with the recommendations made by Anses in the Opinion dated 16 February 2015. New hazard statements are therefore added for both products and active substances contained by the products to current criteria that do not permit to grant a marketing authorisation for ‘amateur” uses. It is noted that products containing an active substance being an endocrine disruptor or a persistent organic pollutant will not be authorised for “amateur” uses.

In addition, the draft Order specifies some packaging and labelling requirements in order to guarantee minimal exposure to non professional users. For example, this draft Order aims to ban dustable powders (DP) and to better regulate the packaging of wettable powders (WP) intended for the amateur market.

At last,  the draft Order sets that the compliance of authorised products with these new provisions shall be checked within 6 months after the entry into force of the Order.

The dossier for consultation is available on the website vie publique (in French).


To download: 

Draft Order regarding the conditions of authorisation of plant protection products for “amateur“ uses  (in French)


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