FRANCE: Use of copper in agriculture

The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food published an article on its website related to the use of copper in agriculture. This follows the renewal of approval of the active substance “copper compounds” since 1 January 2019 for a period of 7 years.

The main points to highlight are:

  • Limiting the total amount of copper to 28 kg/ha over 7 years, allowing interannual fluctuation around an average theoretical dose of 4 kg/ha/year. This condition is applicable in both conventional agriculture and organic agriculture.
  • Copper compounds are a substance candidate for substitution. Thus, comparative assessment will have to be conducted for all copper-based plant protection products.
  • Copper-based fertilizers are not concerned by the renewal of approval, however copper contents must be deducted in the calculation of annual amounts applied per hectare.

Finally, the article recalls alternative methods which can be used in a complementary way in order to reduce the use of copper or even do without copper.


To download: 

Questions / Answers : use of copper in agriculture (in French)

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