Writing technical dossiers (all dRR Sections including BAD)

• Preparation of dossiers for new product or renewal (dRR – zonal dossiers and National addenda)
• Label extensions
• Drafting of statements to justify data waiving
• Phys-chem and method of analysis expertise
• Human Health risk assessment (EFSA)
• Consumer risk assessment (PRIMo)
• E-fate calculations:
- PECsoil (EFSA)
- FROGS* (French Refinement Of Groundwater Scenarios)
* modelling sub-contracted • Ecotox risk assessments (Tier I and higher Tiers, National risk mitigation measures)
- Birds / Mammals (EFSA 2009 and refinements)
- Aquatic organisms and sediment-dwelling organisms
- Bees (Apis mellifera, Bombus spp. and solitary bees)
- Non-target arthropods (ESCORT 2/3)
- Micro- and macro- soil organisms
- Non-target plants