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22 March 2023

EUROPE – COM : Adoption of the regulation for the identification of unacceptable co-formulants

Following the public consultation on the draft regulation, the Commission published on 14 March 2023 on the Official Journal of the European Union Regulation (EU) 2023/574 […]
20 March 2023

Lynxee consulting recruit a home-based Expert in Efficacy!

Currently, we are looking for a registration specialist for Biological Assessment Dossiers (BAD), labels preparation, GEP testing programs design and coordination. You want to join a […]
28 February 2023

FRANCE–ANSES : new decree on fees

The decree of December 15, 2022, setting the fees to be paid to Anses, relating to marketing authorization for phytopharmaceutical products, adjuvants, fertilisers and growing media, […]
27 February 2023

FRANCE: 2023 national memo on the sustainable management of resistance to fungicides in cereal crops

This memo, co-authored by representatives of INRAE, Anses and ARVALIS, provides an overview, by disease and by mode of action, of resistance to fungicides used to […]
27 February 2023

FRANCE: Sustainable management of resistance to fungicides used to control vineyard diseases

This memo has been written by experts from IFV (French institute on vine and wine), Anses, INRAE, CIVC (Interprofessional institute of Champagne wine), chambers of agriculture […]
22 February 2023

FRANCE–ANSES : towards a ban on the main uses of S-metolachlor

Anses has announced initiating a procedure to withdraw the main uses of phytopharmaceutical products containing the herbicidal active substance S-metolachlor. The objective is to reduce the […]
13 February 2023

EUROPE–EFSA: Revised Guidance on Birds and Mammals Finalised

EFSA released the final version of the revised guidance document on risk assessment for birds and mammals and the related supporting documents. Unlike the previous version, […]
24 January 2023

EUROPE–FRANCE: No exemption for neonicotinoids in 2023.

On January 3, the Ministry of Agriculture put out for consultation a draft order authorising, for a period of 120 days, for the 2023 campaign, the […]
16 January 2023

EUROPE–EFSA: Release of PERSAM v3.0.8

The new version (v3.0.8) of the PERSAM tool to conduct PECsoil calculations in agreement with the EFSA Guidance Document for predicting environmental concentrations of active substances […]
30 December 2022

FRANCE : List of substances concerned by the Tax on Diffuse Pollution for 2023

The annex to the order of 22 November 2010 establishes the list of substances subject to the Tax on Diffuse Pollution as they belong to a […]