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To support you in all your regulatory procedures

Thanks to our expertise in plant protection products, we offer you high quality services so that your products can be launched on the French or European market.
Advice on plant protection product regulations

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Monitoring GLP laboratory studies and GEP field trials

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Writing technical dossiers

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Preparing and submitting administrative dossiers

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Following up with the French Authorities

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Lynxee in a nutshell
Complementary expertise to meet all regulatory requirements

Created in 2015, our company Lynxee consulting is entirely dedicated to regulatory advice on plant protection products.

Our team is made up of complementary expertise to take charge of your projects, carry out specific and cutting-edge studies on your products, and draft your dossiers according to European and French requirements.

Lynxee consulting thus supports companies of all sizes in the development of their products and their activity.


Our distinctive features

Specialised expertise

With our broad experience in the field of plant protection products, we master all the sections of regulatory dossiers and have a very wide scope of intervention.

Presence across Europe

We have veritable expertise in managing zonal dossiers and work closely with European partners.

French requirements

We have excellent knowledge of the French regulatory system and maintain close relations with the French Authorities.

Regulatory blog

A blog with Regulatory News from Europe and France.

Working groups

Lynxee consulting is an active member of several associations and colleagues are part of various working groups:

  • Member of Végéphyl (French Association for Plant Health)
    French Commission for Efficacy testing – CEB Methods
    French Commission for Regulatory Affairs
    Working Group on Resistance / Cereal diseases
  • Member of IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association)

French Research tax credit accreditation

Our application for the renewal of research tax credit accreditation (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche or CIR) is under evaluation by the French Ministry in charge of Research.  Thanks to this accreditation, French clients entrusting us with R&D services can be eligible for a tax credit of 30% of the total amount of these services.


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Why choose Lynxee consulting?

1The guarantee of preparing high quality dossiers of all types

As a human-sized company, Lynxee Consulting is constantly listening to its clients to better understand their requirements and their products portfolio. Our team of experts works with you in complete quality and transparency, to enable you to launch and maintain on the market your new and existing products, both in France and in Europe.

2The assurance of forceful scientific statements and convincing Biological Assessment Dossiers

Thanks to their complementary skills, our experts write all the dossiers needed for your products: art. 33 dossiers for a new product, art. 43 dossiers and label extension applications for an existing product, data waivers when no study is needed. For your biological assessment dossiers, our Efficacy experts take care of the selection of valid trials, the compilation of data, the drafting of the resistance risk assessment, and the justifications and argued conclusions...

3Full guidance and assistance in refined risk assessments

When drafting technical dossiers, we carry out risk assessments. They take into account all the essential data for the placing on the market of your products. Our experts are there to refine the input parameters of your risk assessments if necessary.

4Efficient monitoring of studies and field trials (GLP/GEP)

We define with you the program of laboratory studies and field trials. We select the best appropriate CROs for your plant protection product. We work with them to develop the study plans to be implemented. We are closely following the studies in progress. We review each report with very careful attention.

5A regulatory watch regular and shared

This watch allows us to be constantly informed of changes in the regulations in force and the development of new ones. And because we know that you also need to stay up to date with these regulations, we share them with you in the articles you can find on our blog. Remember to follow us to find out more!

6Deadlines met thanks to optimal responsiveness

Each new plant protection product represents considerable challenges for your business at all levels and we are well aware of this. This is the reason why our organisation allows us to commit to safe and respected deadlines.