26 February 2021

EUROPE: Update of guidance document on zonal evaluation, mutual recognition, withdrawal and amendment of authorisations

The European Commission has published an update of the guidance document SANCO/13169/2010 Rev. 11 on zonal evaluation and mutual recognition, withdrawal and amendment of authorisations under […]
19 February 2021

EUROPE – COM: Updated overview of AIR4 and AIR5 applications

The overview of the applications for renewal of approval under article 14 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009  for the active substances of the AIR4 and AIR5 […]
8 February 2021

FRANCE: Ban of Neonicotinoids – the 2021 Derogation for Sugar Beets Validated

The Order authorising for 120 days in 2021 the use of sugar beet seeds treated with imidacloprid- and thiamethoxam-based plant protection products is released. Following the […]
5 February 2021

EUROPE: Guidance on Aged Sorption Studies Adopted

The final version of the guidance document on aged sorption studies of plant protection products in soil was endorsed at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, […]