EUROPE: Updates of AIR 3 and AIR 4 working documents

AIR 3 programme

SANCO/2012/11284 – Rev. 20 – February 2018 – Draft working document – AIR III Renewal programme

This new revision contains new expiry dates for substances in batch 3 and batch 7 as set by Regulation (EU) 2018/84 (chlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifos-methyl, clothianidin, copper compounds, dimoxystrobin, mancozeb, mecoprop-p, metiram, oxamyl, pethoxamid, propiconazole, propineb, propyzamide, pyraclostrobin and zoxamide).

AIR 4 programme

SANTE-2016-11734–rev.9 – February 2018 – AIR IV Renewal programme – Applications for renewal of approval submitted under article 14 of Regulation (EU) No. 1107/2009 and in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 844/2012

This new version updates revision 7 of October 2017.

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FRANCE: Release of a memo relative to biocontrol products

ANSES has published a memo on 01/03/2018 intended to applicants and relating to biocontrol products. This National note reminds the regulatory framework for biocontrol products and the procedure of  authorisation for this type of product.

As a reminder, biocontrol products, as defined by Article L. 253-6 of the French Rural Code, are classified into three categories (microorganisms, semiochemicals and natural substances of plant, animal or mineral origin). Biocontrol products already authorised and fulfilling additional criteria are included in a list set by the Ministry of Agriculture and updated every two months (Article L. 253-5 and L. 253-7).

The application for approval of biocontrol products benefits from reduced fees, set in application of the Order of 12/04/2017, and from an evaluation timeline limited to 6-8 months instead of 12 months for conventional plant protection products.

To download:  Note à l’attention des demandeurs d’AMM : cas des produits de biocontrôle (in French)


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