18 November 2015

EUROPE: a new website for the Minor use Coordination Facility

The EU Minor use Coordination Facility which started on September, 1st has released his new website. It is accessible on: http://www.minoruses.eu/   The Co-ordination Facility will […]
16 November 2015

GLYPHOSATE: EFSA conclusion on the peer review, unlikely to be carcinogenic

The conclusions of EFSA, following the peer review of the initial risk assessments carried out by the rapporteur Member State Germany, for the pesticide active substance […]
16 November 2015

POE-tallowamine (Glyphosate coformulant): EFSA toxicological assessment

EFSA was asked by the European Commission to prepare a statement on the co-formulant polyethoxylated (POE) tallowamine (CAS no. 61791-26-2) based on the toxicological evaluation of […]
4 November 2015

FRANCE: Separation of products between professional and amateur uses

The French Order of October 21, 2015 concerning the separation of “Amateur” and “Professional” products was published on 30 October 2015. You have until 31/12/2015 to […]