FRANCE: Françoise Weber: new Deputy Managing Director of Anses

As we had detailed in July 2015, ANSES was entrusted with new missions, including approval granting and the implementation of a monitoring system called ‘phytopharmacovigilance’.

As part of this re-organisation, ANSES strengthens its management by appointing Françoise Weber to the position of Deputy Managing Director in charge of regulated products as of September 23.

She will be responsible for signing the approval decisions on behalf of the Managing Director, Marc Mortureux.

She will also have to coordinate the various entities of the Agency (DEPR, DAMM, PPV) and will be the contact point of the French Ministries, its counterparts in Europe and in the world, and of the European institutions.

Anses – News – 23/09/2015


FRANCE: Focus on the bans of Amenity uses and Home & Garden products

In France, Ecophyto plan and the Law on the use of PPPs (Labbé’s law of February 2014) are now modified by the Energetic transition law (Article 68) from the Ministry of Ecology.

The final text of the law has been published on 18/08/2015 in the French Republic Official Journal.

The initial bans are moved forward:

for Amenity uses (amenity areas, forest and areas accessible or open to the public): the ban is moved forward to 01/01/2017 instead of 01/01/2020

for Home & Garden (amateur) uses: the ban is moved forward to 01/01/2019 instead of 01/01/2022

Theses bans do not apply to biocontrol products, to low-risk products nor to products authorised for organic farming.

Also, between 01/10/2016 and 01/01/2017 distributors have to undertake a withdrawal program of self-service sales for Home & Garden products.

From 01/01/2017, plant protection products will not be available in self-service anymore for amateurs but only via a certified advisor.

This will not apply to biocontrol products and products based on basic substances only.

REMINDER for France:

Ban of Amenity uses products: 01/01/2017

Ban of self-service sales for Home & Garden products: 01/01/2017

Ban of Home & Garden products: 01/01/2019

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