EUROPE – EFSA: Update of the Pesticide Residue Intake Model 3 (PRIMo rev. 3.1)

EFSA has released the revision 3.1 of the Pesticide Residue Intake Model. The following modifications were introduced:

  • A new spreadsheet was added to facilitate the conversion of MRLs derived from the European Commission database in a format compatible with PRIMo;
  • Correction of a number of large portion consumption data;
  • Correction of unit weight data;
  • Correction of TMDI calculation;
  • Correction of the calculation of the threshold residue in processed products (IESTI case 2a and 2b);
  • Editorial modifications.

A comparison of old and new versions indicates that the revisions impact the acute risk assessment, for several commodities, but not the chronic risk assessment.

To download:

Pesticide Residue Intake Model – EFSA PRIMo revision 3.1 (update of EFSA PRIMo revision 3), EFSA Supporting publication 2019:EN-1605

EFSA PRIMo revision 3.1 (spreadsheet)

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