EUROPE: AIR 3 working documents – Updates

The EU Commission has released 2 working documents regarding AIR 3 renewal programme:


  • SANCO/2012/11284 –rev. 17 (October 2016)

This new revision replaces Revision 14 dated December 2014. This document provides an overview of indicative submission dates for supplementary dossiers for the renewal of AIR 3 substances.

New expiry dates are given for:

batch 3.3: benzoic acid, flazasulfuron, mecoprop-p, mesosulfuron, propineb, propiconazole, propoxycarbazone, propyzamide, pyraclostrobin and zoxamide: 31.01.2018 (instead of 31.01.2017)

batch 3.4: acetamiprid, mepanipyrim, Pseudomonas chlororaphis strain MA 342, quinoxyfen and thiacloprid, thiram and ziram: 30.04.2018 (instead of 30.04.2017)

The extension for both Batches 3.3 and 3.4  was adopted and published in the Official Journal: Reg. (EU) 2016/2016 (November 2016).

It should be noted that several active substances were not supported (no supplementary dossier received although an application was made). As a consequence, the following expiry dates will apply:
– Mecoprop (batch 3.3): 31.01.2017
– Maneb (batch 3.7): 31.01.2017
– Fipronil (batch 3.9): 30.09.2017
– Chloridazon (batch 3.10): 31.12.2018


  • SANCO/10148/2014 – Rev. 10 (November 2016)

This new revision replaces Revision 6 (+ Revision 9, October 2016). This working document provides an update of applicants who supported AIR 3 active substances:

– name changes: Makhteshim -> Adama, Agriphar -> Arysta, Chemtura -> Arysta
– new co-applicant for dimethomorph (+ clomazone)
– no submission of the supplementary dossier for fipronil by BASF
– information added for applicants of diuron, clomazone, fludioxonil, prosulfocarb, tritosulfuron, amidosulfuron, bifenox, clofentezine, dicamba, difenoconazole, diflubenzuron, diflufenican, fenoxaprop-p, fenpropidin, lenacil, nicosulfuron, picloram, pyriproxyfen and quinoclamine (+  maleic hydrazide)

The working document states that no applications were received for chloridazon, imazaquin and oxadiazon. So far, only the non-application for chloridazon is reflected in SANCO/2012/11284 Rev.17.

To download:

SANCO/2012/11284 –Rev. 17, October 2016, Draft working document, AIR III renewal programme

SANCO/10148/2014 – Rev. 10, November 2016, Applications for renewal of approval of active substances submitted under article 14 of regulation (EU) N.o 1107/2009 and in accordance with regulation (EU) No. 844/2012

COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2016/2016 of 17 November 2016 amending Implementing Regulation (EU) No 540/2011 as regards the extension of the approval periods of the active substances acetamiprid, benzoic acid, flazasulfuron, mecoprop-P, mepanipyrim, mesosulfuron, propineb, propoxycarbazon, propyzamide, propiconazole, Pseudomonas chlororaphis Strain: MA 342, pyraclostrobin, quinoxyfen, thiacloprid, thiram, ziram, zoxamide


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