FRANCE – ANSES: Pesti’home, a French study on the use of pesticides at home

This study was conducted between July and November 2014 by ANSES in order to gain a better knowledge of practices and uses of Home & Garden pesticides within French households. A total of 1507 households was selected randomly and interviewed to obtain a better assessment of the population exposure to pesticides.

In this study, all products available for sale for amateurs were taken into account: plant protection products used in plant protection, biocidal products used at home for pest control and also human and veterinary medicinal products for parasitic pest control, i.e. a total of 5400 products were identified.

This study showed that 75% of households had used at least one pesticide during the 12 months prior to the date of the survey. 84% of households that had used pesticides had used insecticides during the year (biocides against flying and crawling insects and also veterinary medicines to control parasitic pests) followed by herbicides (22%), fungicides for plant protection (20%) and then by cutaneous repellent products, e.g. mosquitoes repellents (12%).

Thus, 3 user profiles could be defined (low, strong and very strong pesticide users) and ANSES made 2 main axes evident:

1- The need to better inform users on the use conditions and on the rules for disposal of pesticides.

2- The availability of data from this study in order to allow a better evaluation of exposure and risks related to the use of pesticides at home (in particular for the identification of cumulative exposures to chemical substances).


To download: 

Pesti’home study on the use of pesticides at home (in French)


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