FRANCE – ANSES: Plant protection substances of concern

As part of the French government plan for a less pesticide-dependent agriculture, a CGAAER-CGEDD-IGAS inspection mission listed in 2017 some of the active substances of concern the most frequently identified or mentioned in monitoring reports.

ANSES was seized on 10 July 2018 in order to conduct an expert appraisal of these substances of concern. The corresponding Opinion has just been published.

Based on the findings of this mission report, and taking into account the ban of some substances and the subsequent withdrawal of a number of products, ANSES updated the list of active substances requiring particular attention.

ANSES recommend the non renewal of mancozeb, considered by ECHA as a category 1B reproductive toxicant, and of thiophanate-methyl, classified as a category 2 mutagen.

Moreover, without waiting for the EU renewal assessment of active substances, ANSES also undertake for the 2020-2021 period, a re-assessment of the risks posed by the products containing:

– substances recently classified by ECHA as category 1B carcinogens or reproductive toxicants: 8-hydroxyquinoline, ipconazole, flurochloridone, spirodiclofen, halosulfuron-methyl;

– the active substance prosulfocarb, for which the risk for bystanders and residents will be re-assessed as a result of contaminations of nearby non-target crops, which lead to a change of conditions of use.

Lastly, ANSES start the assessment of the endocrine-disruptor properties of prochloraz without waiting for a possible EU renewal application for this substance.


To download: 

Anses Opinion on the plant protection substances identified as giving rise to concern in the CGAAER-CGEDD-IGAS report on the use of plant protection products (in French)


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