FRANCE: National PPP uses catalog – New DGAL memo

For the application of paragraph 1 of article 31 of Regulation (EC) No.1107/2009, the new memo DGAL/SDQSPV/2020-586 unveils the additions made to the current version of the national catalog of PPP uses (NS DGAL/SDQPV/2015-253). Complements are made in the following 3 booklets:
– Arable crops
– All crops
– Non agricultural uses

The other booklets remain unchanged. In addition, no changes were made to the introduction parts of booklets. Only the lists of “associated uses” have been completed,  as detailed below:

For Arable crops booklet, 2 new uses were added:
– 15505904 Linseed*Weedling*During retting
– 15705917 Pastures*Destruction of vegetation cover

 For All crops booklet, 4 new uses were added:
– 11015934 All crops* Destruction of covers and volunteers
– 11015935 All crops*Weeding*Intercrop, fallows and crops destruction
– 11015936 All crops*Weeding*Between rows of cultivated area
– 11015937 All crops*Weeding*Clearing of bushes

 For Non agricultural uses, 3 new uses were added:
– 01001001 Non agricultural uses*Weeding*Railways
– 10015907 Non agricultural uses*Total weeding*Industrial sites and other infrastructures
– 10015908 Non agricultural uses*Weeding*Parks, Gardens, Pavements

It can also be noticed that some uses are now considered as transitional (intended to be progressively replaced):
– 11015924 All crops*Weeding*Before cultivation
– 11015921 All crops*Weeding*Cultivated areas before planting
– 11015925 All crops*Stumps destruction
– 11015911 All crops*Clearing of bushes

– 01001002 Non agricultural uses*Weeding*Industrial sites
– 11015903 Non agricultural uses*Weeding*Paths of parks and gardens, Pavements, Cemeteries, Alleyways


To download: 

National PPP uses catalog: Arable crops, All crops and Non agricultural uses (2020) – in French

National PPP uses catalog: general instructions (2015) – in French


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