FRANCE : E-Phy website is back on-line

As part of its new responsibilities regarding approvals of plant protection products, fertilisers and growing media, and adjuvants, Anses is now in charge of E-Phy database, the national reference for the authorised uses of these products in France. Anses has just achieved the revision of the tool.

The new version, characterised by a more modern and intuitive user interface, is now available:

The new E-Phy website keeps the same structure and spirit compared to the old tool: it is built on the principle of product sheets, the products being classified by category.

E-Phy also proposes new functionalities in order to meet expressed expectations, such as the characterisation of products authorised for organic farming.

The creation of filters facilitates the searches (product status, function, use, authorisation for amateurs, bee claims, etc.)

On the website, a presentation document (in French) gives several tips for browsing and searching.

At last, the new E-Phy website is intended to evolve. Other functionalities will be added in the coming months, always with the objective to increase the capacities of search and to meet the expectations of all users.