FRANCE-ANSES: Update on the SDHI issue

Following an opinion published on 16/04/2018 by a group of scientists alerting on the risks related to the use of SDHI in agriculture, ANSES organised an expertise of the available scientific data and published their findings on 14/01/2019, concluding that there was no Human health alert that could lead to the withdrawal of approvals for these fungicides.

Since then, ANSES has further investigated in three directions: drawing up and financing specific research projects, detecting possible health effects that can be observed in the field via existing monitoring systems, and finally exchanging with research organisations and Human health agencies responsible for the evaluation of these substances, including the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

ANSES informed the European authorities, the Member States and the North American agencies of the alert about SDHI fungicides and their work on the subject in 2018, and forwarded their conclusions to EFSA, ECHA and the Member States in January 2018, so that they pay particular attention to any new data during the ongoing evaluation and renewal processes.

So far, no new information has arised to confirm the existence of a Human health alert that would lead to the withdrawal of existing approvals, in accordance with National and European regulations relating to plant protection products.

ANSES has also indicated that they are continuously improving  their plant protection products risk assessment methods. Besides the work in progress on the SDHI issue, ANSES has voluntarily decided to investigate the issue of cumulative food exposures to different SDHI in 2019. This work will be completed in the first half of 2020.


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