FRANCE: Ban of Neonicotinoids – the 2021 Derogation for Sugar Beets Validated

The Order authorising for 120 days in 2021 the use of sugar beet seeds treated with imidacloprid- and thiamethoxam-based plant protection products is released.

Following the public consultation and the meeting of the dedicated Supervisory Board, the final text includes a possibility to anticipate the seeding, planting or re-planting of the crops mentioned in Appendix 2. Anticipation will be possible after having implemented mitigation and compensation measures (listed in Appendix 2bis) to ensure “an equivalent level of protection for pollinators and biodiversity”. Anticipation measures are provided for maize (untreated crop buffer, planting of melliferous flora) and for oilseed rape (seeding of a mixture of rapeseed with at least 50% of an early variety in untreated plots).

A new Order will be issued to precise the rules for the anticipation. It will be based on an Opinion of Anses (to be released) assessing the levels of protection resulting from the mitigation and compensation measures.


To download (in French): 

Joint Ministerial Order of 5 February 2021 as regards the provisional authorisation of sugarbeet seeds treated with imidacloprid- or thiamethoxam-based plant protection products.

Outcome of the Public Consultation

Rationale for the Joint Ministerial Decision


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