EUROPE :Révision of EPPO Standard PP 1/239 “Dose expression for plant protection products”

The EPPO Standard “PP 1/239 (2) Dose expression for plant protection products” has been updated to the version PP 1/239 (3) and published on 24/02/2021. The revision follows the EPPO Workshop on harmonized dose expression for the zonal evaluation of plant protection products in high growing crops (Vienna, October 2016).

This standard includes :

– Different dose expressions available according to the type of crop.

– Definitions of terms commonly used in the description of the dose expressions.

– Methods to calculate the different dose expressions for high growing crops, and also to calculate their interconversion.

– Specific parameters to be recorded to determine a dose but also to be able to convert it to another dose expression.

– Harmonized procedures on the measurement of individual plant parameters in the field to facilitate consistent approaches.

To download: 

PP 1/239 (3) Dose expression for plant protection products

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