FRANCE: the order for the “Exemption from application for trial permit” is published!

The Order defining the conditions for exemption from application for experimental trials and tests of plant protection products and adjuvants was published in the French Official Journal of 13/02/2016 and entered into force the following day.

If trials and tests covered by article D. 253-32 of the Code rural and maritime fishing meet the conditions synthesised in the table below, a trial permit is no longer necessary. Just make a statement by filling in the appropriate form and sending it by post or by e-mail to the dedicated e-mail address at least 10 days before the implementation of the trial.

If trials and tests do NOT meet the conditions of surface areas and amounts described in the table below, an application for trials permit must be submitted in accordance with current procedure (Decree N°2012-755 of 9 May 2012).


It has to be noted that the Order treats the particular i case of chemical mediators (e.g. Pheromones) tested in large plots.



Per tested prototype or product

Type of trial

Maximum surface area per test site and per crop

Maximum cumulated surface area, all test sites in the country

Maximum amount per year, per season

1) Research trials and tests

0.1 ha

2 ha

15 L or kg

2) Development trials and tests (except those mentioned in point 3 below)

1 ha

30 ha

200 L or kg

3) Development trials and tests for  chemical mediators used via passive diffusion (without contact with plants)

5 ha

50 ha

18.750 kg


Documents to be downloaded (in French) :

Arrêté du 9 février 2016 fixant les conditions applicables aux essais et expériences visés à l’article D. 253-32 du code rural et de la pêche maritime et concernant les produits phytopharmaceutiques

Formulaire de déclaration des essais et expériences (dérogation à la demande de permis d’expérimentation)

Code rural Article D253-32


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