FRANCE: Opinion for applicants and approval holders (recommendations in term of PPE)

An Opinion intended for applicants and approval  holders of plant protection products and manufacturers of these products was published on 13 July 2016 in the French Official Journal.  It lists the most appropriate general recommendations in terms of PPE when using plant protection products, for professional use.

A first Opinion was published in the same context on 09 July 2016. This first Opinion was intended for manufacturers, distributors and users of personal protective equipment which protect from plant protection products. For more detailed information, see our corresponding article: FRANCE: Opinion for manufacturers, distributors and users of PPE (coveralls)


The Opinion of 13 July 2016 details the:

General recommendations for PPPs with mechanised or manual spray application
in greenhouses and open field

Protection category Type of protection Phases concerned PPP concerned
Eye protection goggles or face shield EN 166:2002 (EC, 3) – preparation, mixing, loading
  • PPP classified H300, H301, H310, H311, H314, H317, H318, H319
  • Wettable powders (WP)
Respiratory protection half-mask or mask EN 140:1998,

equipped with a P3 filter EN 143:2006
or an A2P3 filter EN 14387:2008

– preparation, mixing, loading
  • powders
  • PPP containing a volatile coformulant (except water)
  • PPP classified H335, H336, H330, H331
Body protection garment PPE (as detailed in the Opinion of 9 July 2016)

+  blouse or long-sleeved apron type 3 or PB3 EN 14605+A1:2009
coveralls type 3 ou 4 EN 14605+A1:2009

– preparation, mixing, loading

– cleaning


garment PPE (as detailed in the Opinion of 9 July 2016)

→  tractor with closed cab

→ tractor without cab with downward spraying

→ lance for low crops without intensive contact with vegetation
coveralls EN 14605+A1:2009 type 4, with a hood

→ tractor without cab with upward spraying

→ lance, for high crops
(> 50 cm, without intensive contact with vegetation)

→ knapsack sprayer (herbicide applications including sucker suppression, fungicide and insecticide applications, without intensive contact with vegetation)
coveralls EN 14605+A1:2009, type 3, with a hood

→  lance, knapsack sprayer for high and low crops, with intensive contact with vegetation

– application


Hands protection reusable nitrile gloves EN 374-1:2004 and EN 374-3:2004 – preparation, mixing, loading,

– cleaning,

– application (lance or knapsack sprayer)


disposable nitrile gloves EN 374-1 and EN 374-2 or EN 374-1:2004 and EN 374-3:2004 – application with tractor without cab

– application with tractor with closed cab in case of intervention outside (in this case, gloves must be stored and worn outside of the cab)


Feet protection – boots EN 13 832-3:2006 – manual application in open field or in greenhouse




Applicants and approval holders must justify the certification of the recommended PPE, including chemical protection or provide all data necessary to ANSES to assess the adequacy between the proposed PPE and the product authorised or for which the application is submitted:

– For authorised products, approval holders review and justify their recommendations in terms of PPE in relation to the requirements of this Opinion within a period of 24 months for CMR (13 July 2018) and 30 months for all other products (13 January 2019) after the publication of this Opinion (13 July 2016);

– For new applications for new products, extensions of uses and renewals submitted from 1 December 2017.

In case a read-across is proposed from existing results with products having similar characteristics, this should be justified.


To download :

July 13, 2016 – Opinion for applicants and approval holders of plant protection products and manufacturers of these products relative to personal protective equipment (PPE) as part of the placing on the market of products plant protection (in French)


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