Amenity areas: French regulatory differences between professional and amateur products

Ecophyto II, laws for the future of agriculture,  and for the energetic transition and for biodiversity regrowth, placing on the market of PPPs, products used in amenity areas, separation of professional and amateur ranges of products, biocontrol… the regulatory framework is changing fast. How does it translate concretely in France for plant protection products for professional use but also for amateur use in terms of restriction of use, mode of application, packaging, labelling…?

Lynxee consulting has summarised in a poster the key elements to better understand the current regulations and their declination as two ranges of uses. The poster was presented during the 4th Conference on amenity uses and home & garden products organised by the French association for plant protection (AFPP) on 19-20 octobre 2016 in Toulouse.

To download the poster (in French): Lynxee Poster Amenity 2016

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