EUROPE: New Guidelines for Southern Zone Member States

The Southern Member States Steering Committee (SMS SC) has released two guidelines as regards the risk assessment for Plant Protection Products.

One document is a decision table as regards protected crops. It allows the determination of requested assessments and tools for the toxicology, efficacy, residues, environmental fate and ecotoxicology sections depending on the intended protection structures. The guidelines will apply to zonal applications submitted from 01.12.2021.

The other document deals with the possibility to use the ‘VFSMOD’ tool for runoff mitigation determination for surface water (i.e. vegetative filter strips). The SMS SC concluded that mitigations determined with VFSMOD can be presented in zonal applications. However, presenting mitigations determined according to the FOCUS Landscape Guidance (current validated approach) remains mandatory. The acceptance of the proposed mitigations will be decided at national level by each Member State.


To download: 

SMS SC – Decision table for protected crops (May 2021)

SMS SC – Quantitative Mitigation of Surface Runoff Pesticides with Vegetative Filter Strips using VFSMOD (May 2021)


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