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FRANCE: Implementation of the national biocontrol strategy for 2020-2025

The “EGAlim” law of 30 October 2018 planned the implementation of a national strategy for biocontrol products in order to reduce the risks and the effects of the use of plant protection products on human health and the environment. On 10 November 2020, the Government published its national strategy with the main priorities in progress […]

FRANCE: Update of the list of neonicotinoids substances banned

A draft decree is currently under public consultation until 26 November 2020 in order to update the list of active substances of the neonicotinoid family or with the same modes of action and subject to a use ban. This draft decree is being issued under article L.253-8 of the French Rural Code as modified by […]

LYNXEE: Appointment of Marie Surget, Efficacy expert

Lynxee consulting’s team is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie Surget. Graduated with a Master in plant biotechnology, Marie worked during several years as a field trialist and GEP study Director in different contractors and agrochemical companies. Then she participated in the drafting of BADs within a consulting company and then an agrochemical company. […]

EUROPE – COM: Updated overview of AIR4 and AIR5 applications

The overview of the applications for renewal of approval under article 14 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009  for the active substances of the AIR4 and AIR5 programmes have just been updated by DG SANTE. These new versions dated October 2020 replace the previous revisions dated September 2020.   To download:  SANTE-2016-11734–rev 22 (October 2020): AIR […]

FRANCE – ANSES: Revision of the scientific and technical report on air quality monitoring

ANSES published in June 2020 the first interpretation of the national survey results of pesticides substances in outdoor air (Campagne Nationale Exploratoire des Pesticides, CNEP) (see our previous article). 32 priory substances had been identified for further review for possible inclusion into a national pesticide monitoring plan in air. A revision of this report has […]

FRANCE: Updated list of substances concerned by the Tax on Diffuse Pollution for public consultation

The Tax on Diffuse Pollution was set by the law for water and aquatic environments No. 2006-1772. This tax aims at decreasing the contamination of  aquatic environments by hazardous substances contained by plant protection products. The list of substances concerned by the Tax on Diffuse Pollution is set by the Order of 22th Novembre 2010 and […]