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EUROPE – EFSA: New version of PERSAM tool for PECsoil calculations

EFSA recently released a new version (v3.0.0) of the PERSAM tool to conduct PECsoil calculations in agreement with the new EFSA Guidance Document for predicting environmental concentrations of active substances of plant protection products and transformation products of these active substances in soil (EFSA Journal 2017;15(10):4982). This new version of PERSAM includes, among other improvements, […]

FRANCE – Enforcement of the new system for protecting residents when using plant protection products

The order and the decree regarding the new framework for the use of plant protection products near habitations were published in the French official journal of 29 December 2019. This system is aimed in particular at strengthening the protection of health of the populations living nearby crop areas treated with plant protection products, as well […]

FRANCE – ANSES: Withdrawal of 36 glyphosate-based products

ANSES announces the withdrawal of 36 glyphosate-based products out of the 69 products being under renewal. These products will be withdrawn from the market and will no longer be allowed to be used from the end of 2020, due to the lack or insufficient scientific data to rule out any genotoxic risk. In 2018, these […]