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FRANCE: Air quality monitoring, Anses identifies 32 priority substances

A national survey of pesticide substances in outdoor air (campagne nationale exploratoire des pesticides, CNEP) was jointly conducted by Anses, Ineris and the Network of Approved Air Quality Monitoring Associations (AASQA) from June 2018 to June 2019. The survey aimed at “obtaining a photograph” of the substances present in the ambient air. The 75 substances […]

FRANCE – Public consultation: Extension of the ban of plant protection products in 2022

Since 1st January 2017, the use of plant protection products for amenity uses (amenity areas, forest and areas accessible or open to the public) is banned by the Labbé’s law except for biocontrol products officially listed by the Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with articles L.253-5 and L.253-7 of the Rural Code, for low-risk products […]

Lynxee consulting recruit a BAD specialist in home office!

The team keeps growing! We are looking for a new registration specialist for Biological Assessment Dossiers (BAD), labels preparation, GEP testing programs design and coordination. You are interested in this position? Have a look at the complete description and submit your application through our website!

FRANCE: Provisional balance for 2019 PPPs sales

The Ministries of Ecological Transition and Agriculture have released a provisional balance for the sales of plant protection products in 2019. These figures come from annual declarations by distributors of plant protection products as part of the tax on diffuse pollution. These data still need to be consolidated by the autumn, in particular to refine […]

EUROPE – COM: Updated overview of AIR4 and AIR5 applications

The overview of the applications for renewal of approval under article 14 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009  for the active substances of the AIR4 and AIR5 programmes have just been updated by DG SANTE. These new versions dated June 2020 replace the previous revisions dated March 2020 and February 2020 respectively.   To download:  SANTE-2016-11734-rev […]

EUROPE – EFSA: Revision of Surface Water FOCUS Scenarios

Further to a public consultation conducted from 24 September to 5 November 2018, EFSA published a scientific report as regards the ‘repair action’ undertaken on the FOCUS surface water scenarios commissioned by the European Commission. The major revisions made by the working group are summarised below. Assessment period over 20 years The current 12- or […]