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EUROPE – EFSA: Public consultation on cumulative risk assessment (CRA) of pesticides in food

EFSA is carrying out a public consultation on its pilot assessments of the risks posed to humans by residues of multiple pesticides in food. Interested parties have until 15 November 2019 to submit comments on two assessments: one considers chronic effects on the thyroid system and the other looks at acute effects on the nervous […]

FRANCE: Public consultation – two neonicotinoid-like active substances to be banned

The French law EGAlim of 30 October 2018 (law for achieving a balance in trade relations in the agricultural sector and for healthy, sustainable and affordable food), modified Article L253-8 of the French Rural Code to extend the ban of neonicotinoids to all active substances with a similar mode of action. As the modalities of […]

FRANCE – Public consultation: new system for protecting residents when using plant protection products

The government has launched a public consultation on Monday 09 September, for a period of 3 weeks, a new framework for the use of plant protection products near habitations. This system is aimed in particular at strengthening the protection of health of the populations living nearby crop areas treated with plant protection products, as well […]

FRANCE: Withdrawal of epoxiconazole-based products

In Anses Opinion dated 19 April 2019, Anses concluded that Epoxiconazole is an endocrine disruptor for humans and non-target organisms. Further to this evaluation, Anses has withdrawn 24 authorisations and 52 parallel trade permits for plant protection products containing this active substance on 30 July 2019.   The end of sales and distribution is set […]

EUROPE – EFSA: Guidance on risk assessments for substances, impurities and transformation products that may have stereoisomers

EFSA has published a guidance on risk assessments for active substances of plant protection products that have stereoisomers as components or impurities. The document also proposes guidance to be used for active substances that, without containing any stereogenic element, may generate transformation products or metabolites  that do contain them. As a general principle, stereoisomers need […]

EUROPE – COM: Technical Guidelines on Data Protection

These technical Guidelines are intended to help Member States and Applicants for practical application of the legal provisions of Articles 59 – 62 and 80 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009. This Commission Notice replaces SANCO/12576/2012– rev. 1.1, 01.02.2013. The use of these revised Guidelines is recommended for any applications for active substance and/or plant protection […]