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FRANCE: List of neonicotinoids substances banned

The list of substances from the neonicotinoids family banned from 1st September 2018 in plant protection products and seed treatments was published on 1st August. This ban is planned by the law for biodiversity regrowth, nature and landscapes published in 2016, exemptions being possible on a case by case basis until 1st July 2020. According […]

FRANCE: Ecophyto II+, update and improvement of Ecophyto II

Version II+ of Ecophyto plan, updating and improving Ecophyto II, was examined during the Strategic Orientation Committee (COS) of 27 July 2018. This new version features the actions planned in the French action plan of 25 April 2018 on plant protection products and on a less pesticide-dependent agriculture  and in the French action plan of […]