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EUROPE: Updates of AIR 3 and AIR 4 working documents

AIR 3 programme SANCO/2012/11284 – Rev. 20 – February 2018 – Draft working document – AIR III Renewal programme This new revision contains new expiry dates for substances in batch 3 and batch 7 as set by Regulation (EU) 2018/84 (chlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifos-methyl, clothianidin, copper compounds, dimoxystrobin, mancozeb, mecoprop-p, metiram, oxamyl, pethoxamid, propiconazole, propineb, propyzamide, pyraclostrobin […]

FRANCE: Release of a memo relative to biocontrol products

ANSES has published a memo on 01/03/2018 intended to applicants and relating to biocontrol products. This National note reminds the regulatory framework for biocontrol products and the procedure of  authorisation for this type of product. As a reminder, biocontrol products are classified into three categories (microorganisms, semiochemicals and natural substances of plant, animal or mineral […]

FRANCE – ANSES: Memo on grace periods and label update

ANSES published a memo on grace periods granted by ANSES and label update deadlines in the event of withdrawal, modification or non-renewal of an authorisation or a parallel trade permit for plant protection products. It is reminded that the grace periods and delays of label update correspond to different and uncorrelated notions. Regarding grace periods, […]